Anita Sarawak - I Gotcha

You thought I didn't see ya now

Didn't ya uh

Uh-huh huh

You tried to sneak by me now

Didn't you

Uh-huh huh

Now give me what you promised me

Give it here come on

You promised me the day

That you quit your boyfriend

I'd be the next one

To ease on in

You promised me

It would be just us two


And I'd be the only man

Kissing on you


Now kiss me

Hold it a long time

Hold it

Don't turn it-a loose now

Hold it

A little bit longer now

Hold it

Come on

Hold it girl

Hold it come on

Hold it

Hold it

A-ease up for me

Now get back


You're high

The girl's alright ya'all

You made me a promise

And you're gonna stick to it

You shouldn't have promised

If you wasn't gonna do it

You saw me and ran

In another direction

I'll teach you to play

With my affection

Now give it here

You never should-a promised to me

Give it here

Don't hold back now

Give it here

Don't say nothing

Just give it here

Come on

Give it here uh

Give it here uh

Give it here

Give it here

Give it to me now


Give it on here

I gotcha

You thought you got away from me

Didn't the door lock

Gotcha ha-ha-ha

Oh I gotcha

Give it on up

I've gotcha

Give it over here

I gotcha

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