Ann Marie - Lowkey

Lowkey Lyrics - Ann Marie

Tired of waiting, why you playin
See baby I’m losing patients
So frustrated, conversations
Debating if we gone make it
Cause I’ll be dammed if I compete with these hoes you entertaining
We know I’m too raw of a bitch to just treat me like I’m basic

So what’s it gonna be
If it ain’t just us just gone and leave
But if it’s real love then rock with me
I don’t want shit but honesty boy honestly I

Don’t Got time for the games the love I give can’t be replaced
You can gone go about yo way but it’s so clear you wanna stay
Cause Where you wanna be boy that’s here with me
Till you get yo shit together keep them feelings lowkey
Cause the last bitch gone be out here looking stupid boy is me
You don’t gotta say you love me keep that shit lowkey

Wanna be boy that’s here with me
We Don’t gotta tell nobody we can keep it lowkey
sometimes what you want it ain’t exactly what you need
We Gotta tell nobody we can keep it lowkey

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