Daniel Sahuleka - Will You Still Be There

If I could change your plan about leaving me behind
If I could change your mind and you?ll be always mine
You just decided you?re gonna leave me
You can not stand as it seems you are unhappy
If I could go back to the past girl
Then all of these things wouldn?t last girl
What is the use of my being in love
When the love I once knew fades away

Will you still be there in the morning
You promise not to wake me up
Let me dream away pretending you?re still lying next to me
But things won?t ever be the same as they used to be

Of the nights it seems how people drift apart
Never knowing how it feels to have a broken heart
Until mine got hurt at this moment
You put my heart broke a cane that will stay forever
My world I have built around you
My stories were always about you
That is the day when you go away
So my heart cries with you cries with you

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