Fariz RM - Antartika ( A Serenade of Hope)

Looking through our south side
accross the ocean of heights
there's a continent lies
in peaceful rights

hear the seagulls cryin'
or maybe they are callin'
they are callin' for hope
freedom unknown

made us believe
what's the meaning of signs in return,
future reminds

why would those nations improve
what a moral should find
their reasons seems blind

there's a world that we're looking for
where our children have search before
they singin' a song you should hope
as a serenade of hope

between tomorrow and eternity
united we stand for what we should see
let antartica lives as it should be
bringin' us a new world simply as we believe

there's so much we've learned
in experience page
why we broke what we all had engaged
cause we live in a possible choice
as a citizen of joy

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as serenade of hope uh....huuu...
Serenade of hope

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