Frau - Rat and Cat

Ratty the rat hates Catty the cat
She's always making fun of his weird and long teeth
Ratty the rat thinks Catty's a brat

He hates her perfect fur cut and can't stand her brags

Perfect cut, and whitish fur
And slippery tongue and mindless mind
Selfish girl and stupid cat
And never will she change to a nicer cat, change to a nicer cat
Change, change, change, change
Catty the cat hates Ratty the rat
He's always making fun of her perfect white fur
Catty the cat thinks Ratty's a brat
She hates his weird and long teeth and can't stand his brags

Long weird teeth and stupid smile
And smelly breath and dirty coat
Selfish boy and stupid rat
And never will he change to a nicer rat, change to a nicer rat
Change, change, change, change

Oh, little did they know that they loved
Loved each other damn hard