Mel Shandy - Civil War

I saw a thousand people move together

And I can see there is an anger from their desperate eyes

Keep watching all this trouble getting bigger like a snowball

When they are getting hunger they killing each other

I’m just a little sad girl trap in this freak generation

I have the bomb in my head and im ready to explode

I am waiting for someone to burn my plastic fuse

Make me blow up and then ends my useless live

REVOLUTION! In the name of justice !

Reff :

Im just stand behind this line, watch them burn n mess this town

Why do they become so cruel, like they loosing their conscience

Where love and forgiveness becomes their weapon

To create a better place for all their generation

Strip on your gun, pull back this army, rebuilt this town

Replace this fear, with love and peace,

Release me from this revenge

Give me some space to stand with brave,

Arrange a new comfort world

People wake up people,

This earth is tired to watch your fight and blood

Listen and tell your children

Stop this war, end this fear with love

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