Purgatory - Fraud

You don't have any guts, couldn't look me in the eye 
I know you, Fraud !! 
Too much pride, every word you say drags you to hell 
Satan’s dwell, everything you sell 
Now you call me "Martyr Freak" 
Well I don't mind, suck on my face… 
I don't care… you, suck on my face, I don't care… 

This is your life… This is your dream 
This is your world… All of your games

This is your world… These are your sins 
Those are your fakes… All these are lies to me 

Lie to me… you really got my anger 
Lie to me… you make me pull the trigger 
Lie to me… I don't wanna be no murder 
Lie to me... 

That's your lecture… That's your sermon 
Demon's dancing on your bullshit prayers 

Lie to me… you really got my temper 
Lie to me… you make me pull the trigger 
Lie to me… you twist the words of a prophet 
Lie to me… 

I wanna fight if you want to take my soul away from me 
I won't give up until one of us can just walk away 

Believe in you? 
Have you lost your mind? Have you lost your soul? 
I don’t believe in you 
You’ve lost your mind, You’ve lost your soul 

Warn you before the end of time 
Listen, before GOD seals your hearts 

Lies, your, life, get off of my sight 
Fraud, liar... Worship a wrong God 
Fraud, liar... Value your own life 
Futile... !! 

I've been waiting for so long… 

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