Purgatory - Irate Creator

They brought this PLAGUE upon themselves / These filthy maggots came and fucking conquered this planet / This invasion is unstoppable / You swept over my land with destruction / Absorbing every life like parasites / RECKLESS - without wasting a thought on what a gave to
you / Brazenly - establishing cottages to make their profit out of everything / Sorrow, indigence, beliefs and confide keeps them alive / I can feel the contempt begins growing inside of me / Inexorably it takes over my body / WITH EVERY BREATH I EXHALE HATE / I will eat
your rotten corps and munch your flesh between my teeth / VIOLENCE WILL SHAPE YOUR CORPORA TO WASTE FOR GOOD / You will fall as a product of this / Entombed in a pile of corpses / Yet still in all apparentness / You cannot see / All this bottomless hatred derived / From
nothing but your self / Your kind has without regard / Polluted all my works / You did not see your actions sent you to the grave / And now you made me your irate creator / In everlasting wrath / YOUR BLOOD SHALL PAINT THIS EARTH - RED / Scars of torment adorn your skin
/ Your heads will roll just for my pleasure / Death is not the worst that can occur to you now / In fact you will beg me for salvation / But for your IMPUDENCES you'll pay / Another day where you will watch me slay your children and your loved ones / And you will bath in
their bowels / I WILL FEED YOU THEIR EYES / And make you drink their mouldered blood

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